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Storage Array Maker Infinidat Launches Cloud Data Protection

New products include a 450-pound, ballistically hardened “data bunker” storage appliance and cloud-based data-protection software. The company had not been in the cloud-software business previously.
Windows 10 Polaris Desktop

Microsoft Readying Windows 10 'Spring Creators' Update Release

Several signs are pointing to the imminent release of the next major Windows 10 feature update.

How Workboard Gets Enterprise Employees on the Same Page

A vast majority of organizations fail to achieve their strategies when workforces do not understand how they can contribute to them.
SMB Office 365 Business

Microsoft Confronts Ransomware, Cyber-Crime in New Office 365 Updates

New Office 365 updates help home users save their files from the clutches of ransomware attacks and avoid other online scams.
Google Drone Image AI

Google Employees Asking Company to Withdraw From Pentagon AI Project

Helping build AI warfare technology will irreparably harm Google's brand and its technology industry reputation, workers say in letter to CEO Sundar Pichai.
Daily Tech Briefing April 4, 2018

Google Tool Helps Developers Monitor Live Apps for Performance Issues VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google releases a new application performance management tool, and Microsoft Excel gains new AI-powered data types.

Fedora 28 Set to Deliver New GNOME Linux Desktop for Workstations SLIDESHOW

Red Hat releases the beta of the Fedora 28 community Linux distribution, providing a preview of new capabilities coming in May.

Startup JetStream Promises Painless Cross-Cloud Workload Migration

New company's Cross-Cloud Platform gives cloud service providers and Fortune 500 enterprises an alternative way to provide workload migration, resource elasticity and disaster-recovery-as-a-service across multi-cloud and multi-data center infrastructures.

How Apple Business Chat Optimizes Messages App as Customer Service Tool SLIDESHOW

Apple’s new Business Chat turns the familiar Messages app on iOS into a customer service tool that allows consumers to communicate with companies about purchases and transactions.

Why Application Overload Is Dragging Down Employee Productivity SLIDESHOW

A survey of 200 IT business leaders had found that corporate employees have to deal with so many applications that it is actually reducing their productivity and increasing the demand for greater app integration.

Workato, Apttus Partner to Bring AI, Automation to Business Processes

Partnership enables businesses to streamline customer and revenue operations using artificial intelligence-driven automation.
Office 365

Microsoft Excel Gains New AI-Powered Data Types

The latest Office 365 updates from Microsoft include new Excel data types that borrow from Bing's intelligent search features.

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