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Outlook.com Users Can 'Toggle' New Inbox Beta Experience

Microsoft is updating Outlook.com with a new look and feel as well as some AI-inspired functionality.
Linux on Windows Server

Microsoft Previews Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows Server

Windows Subsystem for Linux, one of last year's most noteworthy additions to the Windows 10 operating system, is now available in a preview version of Windows Server.
Firefox 55

Mozilla Firefox 55 Brings Virtual Reality to the Web SLIDESHOW

With the release of Firefox 55, Mozilla adds new tools to its web browser, including an integrated screenshot capability and a number of security improvements.
sales analytics

Enterprises Spend at Least $1,000 Annually Per Sales Rep on Technology

The majority of sales professionals surveyed cited a variety of tools including smartphones, customer relationship management apps and “data enrichment” services as “valuable” to “extremely valuable” for doing their job.
Daily Video 808

HPE Discloses Details of Plan to Spin-off Micro Focus Software Unit VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: HPE reveals details for spin-off of Its software business; Google tweaks Play Store search to reward android app quality; Microsoft Eye Control makes accessibility widely available to disabled; and there's more.
Creators Update Privacy

Microsoft Reports Windows Privacy Progress, Prepares for GDPR

Users are reacting positively to the new privacy options provided by the Windows 10 Creators Update as the clock counts down to GDPR.

IBM's Breakthrough Distributed Computation for Deep Learning Workloads

NEWS ANALYSIS: Why deep learning is a literal ‘killer app’ for computers, and how IBM has figured out how to distribute computing for much faster processing of big-data artificial intelligence workloads.
Dynamics 365 Power BI Connection

Microsoft Links Dynamics 365, Power BI for Deeper Customer Insights

A new Power BI connector enables users to visualize and explore customer data in new, potentially more informative ways.

Automation Software Tester Tricentis Acquires Load-Balancer Flood IO

Flood IO enables DevOps teams to test how their applications scale with massive loads generated from around the world.

Conduent Patents Facial Expression Recognition IP for Multiple Industries

New technology considers the eyes as the proverbial 'windows to the soul,' as some people have described the way the eyes can be read to determine a person’s frame of mind.
OneNote for Classrooms

Microsoft OneNote Gets Ready for School with Flipgrid

The company prepares OneNote for a new school year by adding support for Flipgrid, a video-based social learning platform.

HPE Reveals Details for Spin-off of Its Software Business

HPE announced that its 50.1 percent portion of the Micro Focus software business will be spun off into yet a new entity called Seattle SpinCo, Inc., at the close of business on Aug. 21.

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