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DockerCon 2018 Tech News Roundup for Day 1

Containers, Kubernetes scheduling and new-gen security to protect them both in production are the main topics this week.
Microsoft Office

Microsoft Previews Office's New Streamlined Look and Feel

Microsoft is taking another stab at the Office UI and is reworking the ribbon-based toolset, but users who don't like the changes can go back to the old ribbon.
DockerCon 18

Docker Advances Container Platform for the Multi-Cloud World

At DockerCon 18, Docker Inc announces technology previews for multi-cloud federation capabilities and a new template based graphical user interface for developers on the desktop.

IGEL, AMD Team Up to Provide High-Performance VDI Computing

Due to its alliance with AMD, IGEL now features AMD’s second-generation Embedded G-Series SoC in its UD3 virtual desktop products.

IBM Announces Major Expansion of Regional Cloud Services

Clients also will be able to deploy multizone Kubernetes clusters across the availability zones via the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.
Blockchain GDPR implications

Software Engineers Discovering How GDPR Limits Use of Blockchain

NEWS ANALYSIS: Blockchain specialists in the European Union are grappling with the implications of the new GDPR privacy standards with ultimate outcome likely limiting the usefulness of the distributed ledger technology.
Windows 10 Autopilot Update

Microsoft Adds 'Zero Touch' Features to Windows Autopilot Tool

The new Self-Deploying mode and Reset option help streamline the process of configuring Windows 10 PCs for enterprise workforces.

Flashpoint Security Software: BRI Platform Overview

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Security startup Flashpoint provides Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) software and services in a cloud-available, subscription package.
Red Hat Buildah

Red Hat Launches Fuse 7 and Buildah 1.0 to Advance App Development

Red Hat is looking to make it easier for developers to build and integrate container applications both on-premises and in the cloud.

SAP Camps Its Data Hub in Virtustream's Enterprise Cloud

As one of the first global partners of SAP to provide a cloud offering, Virtustream provides enterprise security and performance for managing big data environments.

Flashpoint Business Risk Intelligence: Product Overview and Insight

Security startup Flashpoint provides high-level Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) software and services.

BMC Brings Cognitive Computing to Service Management

End-to-end multi-cloud SaaS package offers traditional ITSM to support container-based architectures, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up most tasks.
SAP Cloud Apps

Google Cloud Platform to Support SAP Hana Managed Service, App Toolkit

A new managed SAP HANA service and SAP Cloud Platform software development kit continue efforts by both companies to make their technologies more interoperable.

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