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Data security

Microsoft Patches 96 Security Vulnerabilties in June Patch Update

Microsoft patches critical SMB-related flaw that is being actively exploited and takes the unusual step of releasing security patches for the unsupported Windows XP operating system.
IBM Connect

IBM Extends Cloud Identity-as-a-Service to Hybrid Cloud Environments

The new identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) platform aims to make it easier for organizations to connect identities both on-premises and in the cloud.

Mac Malware Installs Ransomware, Spyware, Security Firms Say

While Windows remains by far the platform of choice to launch cyber-attacks,, companies keep coming across malware made for the Mac.
Election hacks

What Governments, Enterprises Can Learn From 2016 Election Hacks SLIDESHOW

A timeline of the cyber-security incidents that affected last year’s presidential election offers insight into how other nations can prevent similar attacks.

Industroyer Cyber-Attack Revealed as Cause of Ukraine Power Outage

The industrial control system attack known as Industroyer is alleged to be behind the massive power outage that impacted Kiev, Ukraine, in December 2016.
Illusive Networks

Illusive Networks Tricks Attackers With Email Data Deceptions

The deception technology vendor adds a new email feature that will place fake information in corporate mail systems in a bid to trick and trap attackers.
Old Malware Threats

Hexadite to Bring More Threat Detection Muscle to Windows 10

NEWS ANALYSIS: The acquisition of Hexadite will be new threat analysis capabilities based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to Microsoft's Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.
Daily Video 609

Weak Security Opened Door to Russian Hack of Voter System App Firm VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Russian voter system tampering the result of typical weak security; Google faces prospect of huge fine as EU antitrust probe nears end; Microsoft improves contact management in outlook mobile; and there's more.
Docker LinuxKit

Docker Aims to Improve Linux Kernel Security With LinuxKit

The LinuxKit project is now incubating several technologies to advance Linux security, including the Wireguard VPN and Landlock security efforts.
Content filter

Comodo AEP Applies AI to Constant Battle Against Ransomware, Malware SLIDESHOW

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection provides an enterprise endpoint security platform that uses artificial intelligence to ferret out ransomware and other types of malware hidden in application and data files.
Dailly Video 608

Document Shows Russian Hackers Hit Voter Registration Software Firm VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Leaked report claims voter registration app firm hacked by Russians; Microsoft's cloud weathers 1.5 million hack attempts each day; Google releases new version of Spinnaker cloud code update platform; and there's more.
Cloud Data Protection

Microsoft to Acquire Security Incident Response Startup Hexadite

UPDATED: Microsoft plans to incorporate Hexadite's automated incident response technology into its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service.

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