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Dragonfly 2.0 Hackers Targeting the Energy Sector, Symantec Finds

Symantec warns that a hacker group that first attacked energy companies in 2014 is back, and this time it might have more disruptive goals.

Trend Micro Offering $500K in Security Awards at Mobile Pwn2Own 2017

Vendors will only have 90 days to patch flaws that are demonstrated at the upcoming mobile security contest.
Linux on Windows Server

Linux 4.13 Kernel Launches With Accelerated Security Feature

The fourth new Linux kernel milestone of 2017 is now available, providing improved performance and security features including Kernel Transport Layer Security.
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Ransomware Increasingly Targets Businesses Instead of Consumers SLIDESHOW

Symantec reveals that so far in 2017, ransomware has increasingly become more of a business concern than ever before.
Daily Video 831

Google Purges More Than 300 WireX DDoS Botnet Apps from Play Store VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google removes malicious WireX DDoS botnet apps from Play Store; Microsoft Surface PCs gain ground in the enterprise; Microsoft promises affordable mixed-reality gear for the holidays; and there's more.

Instagram API Vulnerability Exposes High-Profile User Information

Instagram moves quickly to fix a software bug that enabled an attacker to get unauthorized access to a limited set of user information.
Verizon Payment Security 2017

Payment Security Compliance Improving, Verizon Security Report Finds

Verizon's 2017 Payment Security Report provides insight into the current state of PCI-DSS compliance and how it relates to data breaches.

7 Cyber-Security Vendors That Raised Funding in August 2017 SLIDESHOW

Money continued to pour in to new startups providing internet of things and industrial control system security and artificial intelligence-powered technologies.

Google Removes Malicious WireX DDoS Botnet Apps from Play Store

Google removes over 300 Android apps from the Play Store that were secretly being used to launch WireX DDoS attacks.

VMware Focusing Heavily on Trend Toward Multi-Cloud Systems

Virtualization king releases updates software for managing, securing, monitoring and automating applications in single and multiple cloud systems.

Forcepoint Acquires Security Analytics Vendor RedOwl

Forcepoint expands its technology portfolio with user and entity behavior analytics capabilities from RedOwl.

How App Install Advertising Fraud Has Become a Costly Problem SLIDESHOW

A new report from DataVisor reveals that app install fraud is costly: More than 5 percent of app installs for ad networks are fraudulent, leading to over $300 million in losses.

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