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Six Best Practices for Improving Identity and Access Governance SLIDESHOW

There are multiple things that an organization can do to improve and harden identity and access governance policies.

Multiple Zero-Day Bugs in Apple Safari Exposed at Pwn2Own 2018

A total of $267,000 was awarded to security researchers at the two-day event for disclosing new vulnerabilities in operating system and browser software.
energy utility security

U.S. Government Accuses Russia of Hacking the Power Grid

A joint Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation analysis finds evidence that Russia has been actively targeting critical infrastructure in the U.S with cyber-attacks. What should grid operators do in the U.S. to limit risks?
Pwn2Own 2018

Pwn2Own 2018 Hackers Earn $162K for Safari, Edge, VirtualBox Exploit

The first day of the 2018 Pwn2Own hacking competition saw security researchers demonstrate a host of zero-day vulnerabilities, though a number of targets, including Google's Chrome browser, were left unchallenged.
Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum for Enterprise Brings Control to Browser Deployments

The impending Firefox Quantum 60 web browser release will benefit from new administrative controls that can aid with enterprise deployments.

Ransomware, PowerShell Malware Spike Higher, McAfee Reports SLIDESHOW

McAfee Labs' latest threat report reveals that new malware reached a record high at the end of 2017, with new ransomware and macOS malware taking off.
AMD CPU flaws

Researchers Claim AMD CPUs at Risk From 13 Critical Flaws

Security firm CTS Labs reports that it discovered multiple flaws in AMD's EPYC and Ryzen processors, though the actual end-user impact is currently unclear.
RSA CTO Zulfikar Ramzan

Why Artificial Intelligence is Important for Cyber-Security

Speaking at the Dell Experience during the South by SouthWest event, RSA CTO Zulfikar Ramzan explains where artificial intelligence works and where it fails.

Despite False Positives, Biometrics Ranks as a Top Authentication Tool SLIDESHOW

While a majority of IT professionals trust biometrics as an authentication technology, they'd like to see more product standardization and fewer false positives, a Spiceworks survey finds.
Wendi Whitmore IBM X-Force IRIS

How IBM Helps Organizations to Improve Security with Incident Response VIDEO

VIDEO: Wendi Whitmore Global Partner and Lead at IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) explains how organizations can improve their cyber-security posture with incident response.
Daily Tech Briefing March 12, 2018

Google Chrome to Flag Untrusted Symantec Certificates as Unsafe VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google urges webmasters to quickly replace untrusted Symantec certs; Tenable launches the Lumin cyber-exposure benchmarking platform; there's good news for the server business: revenue is up 25 percent in Q4 2017; and there's more.

BlackBerry Out of Phone Business, but Its Security Acumen Valued

While BlackBerry may be out of the smartphone handset business, the company also knows how to do security software, and not only for connected devices.
RSA Conference 2017 2

RSA Updates Identity Governance and Lifecycle Suite to Ease Compliance

The RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1 update improves the ability for organizations to conduct access reviews and deploy identity governance, as GDPR deadline nears.

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